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St John Ambulance Paws 4 Stories Area

St. John Ambulance Volunteer Therapy Dog teams provide moments of joy to people who are lonely or sick, who lack support, or who need a confidence and companionship boost. Paws 4 Stories is one aspect of the program the helps promote children's reading and communication skills. Since inception, Paws 4 stories has helped children feel empowered and relaxed while reading aloud do a certified therapy Dog. Interested in learning more out St. John Ambulance volunteer opportunities and Therapy Dog visitations? Make sure to stop by!

SuperDogs Star Search

Is Your Dog a SuperDog?
President's Choice SuperDogs Star Search is coming to the Pet Lover Show and you can show off YOUR dog's talent for a chance to perform with the President's Choice SuperDogs in 2019 at the PNE. From agility to dancing or Frisbee freestyle to jumping rope or silly pet tricks, come and share your dog's special skills in a fun, friendly showcase. Plus you'll see some President's Choice SuperDogs do cool stuff too AND you'll get some amazing gifts and coupons for President's Choice Nutrition First dog food-the official fuel of the SuperDogs! Directions to the show

Spectator Schedule

Here's how to enter:

1) Using your phone, take a video of your dog performing their special skill. Maximium video length is 15 seconds. Videos longer than 15 seconds will not be accepted.
2) Send your video in a message to the Pet Lover Show facebook page. Click the blue "Send Message" button to get started, and then add your video file (click the paper clip icon on desktop, or the images icon on mobile to attach the file)
3) Include President's Choice "SuperDogs Auditions" in the body of your message.
4) That's it!

Contest closes for video submissions on February 22, 2019 at NOON. Due to the volume of entries, only successful applicants will be contacted to do final auditions at the Pet Lover show .

Seminar Times

Meet Bentley the Bulldog and his dad Brad!

Meet Vancouver's most famous Bulldog! With over 300,000 instagram followers, Bentley the Bulldog (mrbentley_thedog) went viral because of his irrational fear of everything around him (except co-piloting helicopters and snowboarding...

Come and see Vancouver's cutest celebrity up close - all show long at the Mountain Dog booth!

Free Professional Photo of you and your pet sponsored by Mega Dog Raw Food

Come and check out Mega Dog Raw Food - an affordable raw food option for families with bigger dogs or multiple dog households. It is made from triple-ground meaty bones, organ meat, kelp, and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and collard greens. ... While you are there, get a free photo of you and your furry best friend at the Giggle Photo Booth in the Mega Dog booth F4, sponsored by Mega Dog!

Owls & Raptors Up Close
► Saturday @ 12:30 & 3:30, Sunday @ 12:00 & 2:30

Find out about Owls, raptors and other native birds of prey at the Weird and Wonderful Stage! Staff from the O.W.L. Society (Orphaned WildLife) will fill you in on these amazing birds, as well as avoidable dangers to birds and other wildlife, diet for raptors compared to diet for songbirds, owls and other raptors native to BC, the function of the O.W.L. Society, and answer your questions. Come and find out about these incredible birds!

More Information

Integrated Police Dog Service Demonstrations Sat 12:30; Sun 12:00

Some of the world's most highly trained dogs are employed by the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service Teams. After endless hours of training with their office partners it's almost like they can read their partner's minds as they form a cohesive team.
Come out and see just what they do, day in and day out, to protect us and how brilliantly they do it.
Later drop by the Abbotsford police foundation booth to find out what you can do to help support these incredible dogs while on the job and into retirement with their officer team mates.

Team Members- the RCMP handlers in the Lower Mainland have Integrated with Abbotsford, Delta, New Westminster, and Port Moody dog handlers to form the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Services.
The unit consists of approximately 48 dog handlers and provides services throughout the Lower Mainland from Pemberton down through to Boston Bar with the exception of Vancouver and West Vancouver. The dogs are trained in tracking, criminal apprehension, to search for narcotics/explosives, missing persons, and to locate evidence in general. The dogs are also trained to assist specialized sections in the LMD including the Emergency Response Team and Tactical Response Team. Further to that, some of our dog teams specialize in the avalanche profile as well as the HRD profile. The teams are very busy serving the Lower Mainland.

History of the RCMP Police Dog Services....

Police Dog Service was established in 1935. The Police Dog Service Training Centre has been located near Innisfail, Alberta since 1965.
Our pups are named each year with a letter of the alphabet, this year all the born in 2019 will start with the letter "M". The Name the Puppy contest allows children across Canada to help name our police dogs.

RCMP website

Come try out our Lure Course!
֍Sponsored by Apawthecary Pets

Coursing offers a great way for dogs to burn a lot of energy while having some good, safe fun. If your dog likes to chase balls, they'll most likely love lure coursing. Enthusiasts of the sport have set up many local clubs throughout North America. Come and try the course with your dog, the lure course is sponsored by Apawthecary Pets and its free to try this year. The sport of lure coursing has a long history - 4,000 year old Egyptian tombs depict coursing with long legged hounds. It was a popular sport amongst wealthy landowners that had big grounds to practice on. In the middle ages coursing was only accessible to royalty; in England commoners were not allowed to own a Greyhound for quite some time. In the 1970's sighthound fanciers developed a portable, controlled coursing event that is the basis for the lure course at the Pet Lover Show.

Can-Am/TICA Cat Show
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show in the Second Hall

Are you a cat person? Is your cat 'Best In Show'? Don't miss this fun TICA Cat Show presented by the Can-Am Cat Club. Eight official judges are attending from Texas, Washington, California, and British Columbia. And the TICA Judge of the Year is coming all the way from Austria!

This year the show is featuring a special Meet the Breeds, where visitors will have the opportunity to talk about, pet and meet some very interesting cat breeds.

TICA recognizes fifty five purebred breeds for championship competition as well as popular household pets, always a crowd favourite. All cats are benched in their decorated cages and are taken to the judges "rings"' for handling. Cats are vying for Champion to Supreme Grand Champion titles: judges will pick their top ten cats, kittens, alters and household pets. Many of the recognized breeds will be competing, from the large Maine Coon, to the smallest Singapura - longhairs, shorthairs and almost naked breeds will all be strutting their stuff, so be sure to stop by and take in the Show! Entry Information is available by clicking on the More Information link.

More Information

Seminar Times

Discover the Mysteries of Dog Communication and Handling Sat 2:00 Sun 1:30

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? How about what your body is telling your dog? Dogs are experts at reading human body language but sometimes our bodies lie! Discover the mysteries of dog communication, learn how to handle your dog using appropriate equipment and communicating using body language.
Learn the secrets of dog communication and handling with our Canine Behaviour Expert and Inventor of the JWalker Dog Harness, Jessica O'Neill.

What You'll Learn: Body Placement - Side, facing, away
Big and Small - stand, crouch
Body blocking claiming personal space
No Monkey Arms - Stay one unit
Directive Cue - Line from nose to destination
Move away, move forward, drive away, pull forward
Turn Towards, turn away - steering using body
Fast & Slow - changing Pace

BRING YOUR DOG - get on stage and watch the magic happen

JWalker Website

Flying Disc Dogs from DogWorks Training
► Saturday @ 4:00, Sunday @ 3:30

Come watch a show of high-flying action from some incredible disc dogs! Awesome flips, tricks, catches, and throws are all a part of this awesome show.

DogWorks Training's Website

Bamboozled Again! Be Mystified by the Incredible DogWorks Trick Show
► Saturday @ 11:00 & 1:30, Sunday @ 11:30

The amazing trick team at DogWorks will show off some of their flashy tricks! They also train dogs for film and commercial work, don't miss these skilled pups!

DogWorks Training's Website

Rabbit Agility
► Sat: 11:30, 1:30, 3:00 & 5:00; Sun 11:30, 1:30 & 3:00

Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills! Animal agility (dog, rabbit or other) is a course of equipment in a ring that an animal will manoeuvre: over, under, around and through in a timed event. The animal that completes the course without upsetting equipment with the fastest time wins the event.

Saturday Showtimes:
11:30am Timed Trials/High Jump
1:30pm Tiered Hopping
3:00pm Side by Side Races/Long Jump
5:00pm Tiered Hopping

Sunday Showtimes:
11:30am Timed Trials/High Jump
1:30pm Tiered Hopping
3:00pm Side by Side Races/Long Jump

Agility is fun and exciting for the animals, handlers and spectators. Rabbit Agility is much like dog agility only the equipment is made smaller for a rabbit and stable enough for the rabbit's weight while manipulating the pieces. Rabbits learn to run an agility course just as a dog might. Domestic Rabbits can be very affectionate and intelligent animals. Rabbits can be taught tasks, tricks and behaviors. People are finding what clean, intelligent and affectionate animals rabbits are. Many people are keeping rabbits as pets, some people even have house rabbits that are trained to use a litter box, so Rabbit Agility as well as other sports and activities with pet rabbits are becoming more popular. The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club is a great place to learn about this fun activity for your rabbit. .... Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills!

Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club website!

Seminar Times

Let Your Dog Try his Paw at Agility or Flyball

Are you looking for a fun activity for you and your best friend? If you ever thought you would like to try agility and/or flyball - come to the Paws On Activity area just past the lure course and sign up for a free agility or flyball introductory lesson. Lesson schedule will be up at the Matsqui Agility & Flyball Course, be sure to sign up early for your lesson time!

The Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club (MFAC) wants to introduce you to the sports they love at the Pet Lover Show this year.

If you are unfamiliar with what Agility entails, here is some information:

Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs their dog through a series of obstacles. In competition, dogs must not receive treats or wear a leash or collar so it requires control and focus on the part of both the handler and the dog. Most agility "games" or courses require accuracy and speed to achieve the most points, while others also require improvisation and strategy. Any healthy dog over a certain age can participate in dog agility. Since dogs compete based on past experience, age, and height rather than breed, mixed breeds or "All Canadian" dogs have equal opportunity. The agility dog and handler are a team and success in the sport requires trust and team work.

And here is some more about Flyball
Flyball is a team dog sport in which 2 teams of 4 dogs race against each other relay style. The dogs run one at a time down a 51' course over 4 jumps. At the far end of the course they jump onto the front panel of a spring-loaded box with holes in the front. The BOXLOADER has put a tennis ball in the appropriate hole for the dog. As the dog hits the box the ball flies out. The dog must catch the ball and return over the jumps to his HANDLER. As he crosses the start line the next dog goes. The object of the game is to have all 4 dogs on the team complete their runs before the team in the other lane. The team is penalized of the dog misses a jump, drops the ball or if they have a "BAD PASS" where a dog crosses the start line before the previous dog finishes. Each dog on a competing team earns points and is eventually awarded titles

About Our Club
Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club has been training together and hosting demos, tournaments, and trials since the early 1990's. Our home base is in Abbotsford but we have members from all over the Fraser Valley and compete both locally and all-over Western Canada and the United States. We offer lessons in both Agility and Flyball several times a year and our club continues to grow as a result. We belong to the Agility Association of Canada or AAC and the North American Flyball Association. For more information about our club events, membership or lessons, please visit


More Information

Be A Good Pet Parront - Parrot Care
► Saturday @ 12:00, Sunday @ 11:00

Are you thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Join Jan Robson from Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary at the Weird and Wonderful Stage as she discusses the joys, challenges and what you need to know about life with a parrot. Parrots are loud, messy, incredibly smart and somewhat like living with a 3 year old toddler!

Greyhaven's Website

Interactive Display at Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Ongoing throughout the show in Booths 216, 217, 218

Kids! Bring your parents and stop by the Greyhaven booth (beside the Weird & Wonderful Stage) and join their exciting, interactive display with tons of great activities for children!

Check out eggs from all different kinds of birds, try the Touch Boxes and guess what's inside, receive a stamp book and gather stamps in your passport bird book (while supplies last) - and there is even a photo booth where you can become a parrot!

Lovable Llamas - Meet & Greet
► Saturday @ 11:30 & 3:00, Sunday @ 11:30 & 2:00

People often ask, what do you do with a pet llama? These highly social and intelligent animals love to spend time with you and, like dogs, need fun activities to keep them from getting bored.
Sarah Nicholls from Fat Chance Ranch has trained their llamas to appear in television shows and commercials, and says that you can pretty much do anything with llamas that you do with your dog. Llamas protect other animals out in the field and are extremely aware and curious so they know when something is amiss. They will even chase away coyotes and stray dogs and let an alert out to warn the other animals, so many ranchers employ their llamas as 'watch llamas'. You can take llamas for walks, clicker train them, and if you let them in your house, like the family dog, they will make themselves comfortable and look for a good scratch. Come and meet & greet these amazing animals!

Freestyle Dance Team - Cheer on Your Favourite Sat 10:30 am and Sun 1:00

Musical canine freestyle, also known as musical freestyle, freestyle dance, and canine freestyle, is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners. Come out and watch our Freestyle team wow you with their dance moves. Then cheer on the Papillons as they compete in the barrel race and check out the trick demos.

Dog and Cat Blood Donor Clinic by Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show!

Come to booths 209 & 210 to learn how your pets Blood Donation could saves lives! The AECFV's Pet Blood Donor clinic will be ongoing at the Pet Lover Show this year!

The Blood Services Department at the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley was started as a small, in house donor program in 1996. Donors were called in on an emergency basis to help patients in the hospital. Years later, we took the program over and began a campaign to expand, because hospitals would call us for help and we wouldn't be able to assist them. We didn't want to say no, so I started reaching out the community. Together, we have become a blood bank with nearly 120 animals (dogs and cats) that donate blood every 2-3 months to help animals in need. We support hospitals all over the Lower Mainland, teaching them how to give blood transfusions to help them help their patients at their own hospitals or providing Blood Medicine as part of our well-rounded Emergency team and facility. As we expand to help hospitals on Vancouver Island and in the Interior of BC, we will need more donors to meet the need for blood. Our motto is 'Pets Saving Pet's Lives' and that's what our donors do everyday. We couldn't do it without them and we are always excited to get to show off the amazing animals who make up the amazing super heroes that are our Blood Donors!

We can use both dogs and cats in our donor program. The following are criteria we look for in a donor:

- Between the ages of 1-6yrs
- Animals can be used up to the age of 9, but we do not admit dogs to the program older than 6yrs, or cats older than 3-4 yrs.
- Over 50lbs for our regular K9 program, 30-50lbs for our Half Pint K9 Program and over 8lbs for cats.
- Must have a good temperament and be in good physical condition.
- Must be fed a quality dry or canned food, (no raw diets).
- Must be vaccinated (or titred), dewormed and treated for fleas.
- Must be spayed or neutered
- Must never have had a transfusion previously.

When someone brings their pet in, they will be given a physical exam, as well as a temperament assessment by one of our Blood Services Technicians. We take a small sample of blood and run a test in house to determine what their blood type is. For dogs, we can only test in house for the antigen 1.1, and depending on the results, we then send them off to the veterinary lab for a full health screen, including a cbc, blood chemistry, urine and fecal examinations, and tests for blood borne pathogens. Once we receive the results, we will let you know and add them to our list of volunteer donors.

We make an effort to work around our donor owners schedules as much as we can. Most of our blood related appointments are held on Saturdays, but we do make some exceptions if that day is simply not possible for the owner. We are usually able to give owners at least two weeks notice, so that we can work best around their schedule. Most owners drop their dogs off, but some do bring a magazine or a book and wait. Owners are always welcome to sit in on the donation as well. A donation takes between 15-45 mins, depending on the animal. Some of our donors are given some sedation because it's difficult to ask a dog for sit still for that length of time. Cats are always sedated and so their appointments may take a little longer than dogs.

We try to make the donation and volunteer experience as fun as possible for both our donors and their owners. We want our donors to be excited to come in and see us. At the end of each donation, they are given a can of food (if their diet permits, ie; no allergies.) The owners are sent a gift card the week after each donation as well. We also provide no-cost yearly bloodwork for your pet and we waive the emergency fee should your pet ever have to come in and see us on an emergency basis. Should your pet ever need a blood transfusion over the course of their life, it will be done at no charge to you.

AECFV's Website

The Art of Agility with DogWorks Training
► Saturday @ 11:30 & 2:30, Sunday @ 2:00

Come to the Carnivora Amazing Dog Stage and watch dogs of amazing speed and accuracy move through courses of jumps, tunnels, weaves, and more!

DogWorks Training's Website

BC Assoc.of Animal Massage - Enjoy for a FREE PET MASSAGE!
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show

Is your dog showing signs of stiffness or slowing down? Are they participating in a dog sport? Or maybe recovering from an injury or surgery? Then animal massage therapy may be what you need. Animal massage therapy uses a variety of manual techniques to improve mobility and decrease the pain associated with aging, sports or injury. Our professional members provide exceptional animal massage therapy to support your companion animal through all life stages

As an integral part of your dog's wellness team, our members work closely with the Veterinarians as advocates for you and your dog to help provide the best possible programmes to assist you in ensuring that your dogs continue to enjoy their lives, activities, sports and family life to the fullest.

The British Columbia Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals promotes professionalism through education, self-development; and the creation and maintaining of regulated standards for Animal Massage and Bodywork Providers. By choosing one of our members your are assured of a professional, well trained and insured practitioner. Learn the benefits of massage for your precious pet the BC Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals will be available throughout the show in our paws on activity area.


Snakes, Lizards and More - Oh My!
► Saturday @ 2:00 & 4:00, Sunday @ 1:00 & 3:00

Join Hastur McKay and Morgan Troy at the Weird and Wonderful Stage to learn all about these fascinating creatures. The Westcoast Reptile Education Society has been active in British Columbia, Canada, for over 30 years.

They gather herpetoculturists (people with a dedicated passion for the ancient hobby of keeping and studying reptiles) as well as people interested in the safeguard of the environment and the welfare of animals. Their members are mostly families and individuals who are interested in studying and protecting reptiles.


Paws On Activities

Bring your pet and check out our Paws On Activity Area featuring seminars by top veterinarians and industry experts. (Seminars in the people and Pet Cafe in Hall B) Let your pet try out the lure course (with proceeds to PADS) Treat your pet to a FREE massage or Reiki session. Let your pet chat with our animal communicator, Dale McCarthy. Check it out just beyond the lure course in the second hall!

Loveabull's Next Top Dog - Fashion Extravaganza 3:00 Sunday

Together with some tiny canine pals, our bullies will strut their stuff in our fashion extravaganza-vying for the title of Next Top Dog. It's an overload of cute as our rescues rock their doggy duds and show you just how loving and sweet these often misunderstood dogs can be.

Loveabull Rescue Society was founded in 2013 in Surrey BC to give these dogs the best opportunity for a good future and to work towards dissolving the bully breed stigma.
Our founder is a certified trainer and behaviour specialist. Our foster dogs receive one on one and group training to ensure they are great family members when they are adopted. Loveabull also works with other provinces to help with spaying and neutering in remote areas with over populations of stray dogs. We are a bully breed rescue but we never turn a dog emergency away and will take in any dog that needs help.

Loveabull's website

BC Exotic Bird Society - The Training Game
► Saturday @ 2:30, Sunday @ 1:30

Please join us for a fun, interactive activity and learn how to save our parrots in the wild. Living as a parrot in the wild is not all its cracked up to be. Come be with our wonderful BC Exotic volunteers and be a part of our Weird and Wonderful stage presentation!

BC Exotic Bird Society's Website

Come Experience a Reiki Session with Certified Reiki Master and Dog Trainer, Sarah Janzen!

Sarah received her Dog Trainer Diploma in 2013 from Animal Behavioral College and continues to work with pet owners to improve the lives of their pets in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Sarah also has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Addiction Counselling. Before finding her passion for working with animals, she worked with adults with disabilities.

During Dog training sessions, Sarah noticed that many of the dogs she worked with had physical and emotional issues training could not alleviate. She wanted to discover a deeper and more lasting way to help these animals heal. She received her Reiki Masters Training and has not looked back!

Sarah is constantly amazed by the effects of Reiki and how well animals respond to this healing energy. She is honored at each opportunity to use this amazing technique to heal people's four-legged best friends!

Sarah Janzen's website

Interactive Agility Program - Come on stage to try agility with your dog & the DogWorks Team
► Saturday @ 12:00 & 3:00, Sunday @ 2:30

Join the DogWorks Training Team on stage to try out some Agility foundations exercises with your own dog!

DogWorks Training's Website

CDART - Animal Rescue Journey: Learn how to keep your pet safe!
► Sunday @ 12:30

This demonstration will take you on an evacuation voyage that will show you what you can do to be prepared in the case of a disaster. This interactive, kid friendly show will teach first aid for the most common injuries and issues that your pet might experience. Some audience members will be supervised and taught right on the stage with their pet.

Meet the amazing members of the Canadian Disaster Animal Team. CDART is dedicated to animal welfare through the preparation for and the actual rescue and shelter of domestic animals in a disaster. Volunteers are mobilized when local authorities request CDART's help and when the Provincial Emergency Program's Emergency Social Services is activated. In specific communities, CDART has long-time established teams but will answer requests for help through local, provincial and federal government agencies. CDART works with Emergency Social Services at Reception Centres registering animals that need sheltering or evacuation during an emergency/disaster. CDART is not funded in any way except through donations so please consider donating to CDART so that they may continue their amazing work.

CDART's Website

Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS) - See what your raffle dollars do!
► Saturday @ 3:30, Sunday @ 11:00

These "Dogs With Jobs" are indeed amazing! Don't miss this incredible demonstration of teamwork between these Assistance Dogs and their partners. The Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS) works training puppies to become assistance dogs, and places them with their partners. Find out more about these invaluable dogs and see them demonstrate their skills.

P.A.D.S Website

Children of All Ages - check out the Stuffy Rider Course!

Why should Fido have all the fun? While your pooch is frolicking on the lure course or having a massage or getting a free agility lesson, your human children can check out the Stuffy Riders course
The Stuffy Riders Course is just opposite the Matsqui Agility and Flyball lessons past the lure course and the People and Pet Cafe in the second hall.

Free nose work course at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre (SARC) booth

The Surrey Animal Resource Centre (SARC) will be returning to the Pet Lover Show with a spacious new booth filled with fun for you and your pet! Bring your dog for a free introduction to the popular pet dog sport of scent detection called Nosework. Let your dog show off how fast they can use their nose to find hidden treats and win a prize. No matter their breed or size, Nose work is a great sport that all dogs can play. Learn about an exciting, upcoming Nosework event - SARC Scent-Topia and how you can get involved. Take a selfie with a giant rabbit, view photos of adoptable animals, ask about volunteering, and get training tips for any pet. SARC is the municipal animal shelter for the City of Surrey that provides medical and behavioural support for almost 2000 animals per years. The centre's services and outreach programs help people create and maintain happy, healthy relationships with their pets.

SARC Website

֍ Ongoing During Show Opening Hours

Is there a certain breed you've always wanted to find out about? Come to our Meet The Breed area where you'll meet breeders and breed clubs ready to tell you all about the advantages of sharing your life with that one special breed.
Dandie Dinmont Terriers, Irish Setters, Newfoundlanders, Irish Wolfhounds, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas! Come meet these and other breeds to find out if one of them is the right fit as a companion for you and your family!