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Come try out our all-new Lure Course!

Coursing offers a great way for dogs to burn a lot of energy while having some good, safe fun. If your dog likes to chase balls, they'll most likely love lure coursing. Enthusiasts of the sport have set up many local clubs throughout North America. Come and try the course with your dog, there is a small fee, with proceeds to PADS, our official charity. If your dog doesn't love it, your money will be refunded! The sport of lure coursing has a long history - 4,000 year old Egyptian tombs depict coursing with long legged hounds. It was a popular sport amongst wealthy landowners that had big grounds to practice on. In the middle ages coursing was only accessible to royalty; in England commoners were not allowed to own a Greyhound for quite some time. In the 1970's sighthound fanciers developed a portable, controlled coursing event that is the basis for the lure course at the Pet Lover Show.

Back Country K9's - Wildlife, your pooch, and hiking in the backcountry with Adrian Nelson

Hiking with our K9 companions is an enjoyable outing for both our dogs and us, but like any backcountry adventure it comes with risks. A little knowledge and preparation can ensure our time outdoors is safe and enjoyable.

Learn about local wildlife and how to keep our dogs out of conflict. The different types of dog backpacks, how to pack them, and traveling with a dog for an overnight or multi day trip, as well as some backcountry survival tips and tricks when hiking with dogs. Whether it's a short day hike through the North Shore Mountains or a multi-day trip through the Coast Mountain range, having the knowledge and proper equipment is essential.

Join Adrian Nelson, Wildlife Conflict Manager for The Fur-Bearers, on this foray into backcountry K9 safety. Adrian is an experienced backcountry adventurer and dog lover who will share his years of experience and tips on traveling with dogs.

The Fur-Bearer's Website

Animals Do Talk!

Animal Communicator, Dale McCarthy, will be at the Pet Lover Show to help owners connect to what is going on with their pet.

Dale has the ability to communicate with animals by receiving their thoughts. The pets share information about their personality, how they view themselves, any behavourial problems and any possible health issues, as well as solutions for any necessary changes. Each pet shares insights that are so fascinating and amusing, that owners are usually laughing and crying during a session.

As an Animal Communicator, Dale uses a form of telepathic energy that has is based on deepened intuition and can connect with people's pets, no matter how far away they may be.

Animal Communicator, Dale McCarthy's Website


DockDogs as seen on ABC, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel.
3 Competitions combined to make one action packed family orientated show. Discover if your dog can make it as a dock dog!
BIG AIR: Think of Big Air as the Long jump for dogs. Each dog and their "Handler" are a competition team and each team competes head-to-head against the other teams to see who can jump the farthest distance.
EXTREME VERTICAL: Extreme Verticalis the equivalent to a "High Jump" for dogs. Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to jump in the air while attempting to remove the "Bumper" from the Extender Arm. Rounds will continue with the bumper being raised in 2 inch increments per round until the dog that jumps the highest takes home the Prize!
SPEED RETRIEVE: It's all about speed. Upon entering the water, each dog must swim to the end of a 40 foot pool and remove the DockDogs designated object from a modified Extender Arm in order to complete their timed run. The dog that removes the object the fastest wins and walks home with the prize

Competitors in Iron Dog participate in Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve at a single event. We compile the best run in all three disciplines for each team and the team with the overall best score wins. This competition challenges participants to continuously develop their skill in all three different disciplines, and rewards the boldest, best, and most daring dogs.
Register Here
Directions to the show
Spectator Schedule

SuperDogs Star Search

Is Your Dog a SuperDog?
President's Choice SuperDogs Star Search is coming to the Pet Lover Show and you can show off YOUR dog's talent for a chance to perform with the President's Choice SuperDogs in 2017 at the PNE. From agility to dancing or Frisbee freestyle to jumping rope or silly pet tricks, come and share your dog's special skills in a fun, friendly showcase. Plus you'll see some President's Choice SuperDogs do cool stuff too AND you'll get some amazing gifts and coupons for President's Choice Nutrition First dog food-the official fuel of the SuperDogs! Directions to the show

Spectator Schedule

Here's how to enter:

1) Using your phone, take a video of your dog performing their special skill. Maximium video length is 15 seconds. Videos longer than 15 seconds will not be accepted.
2) Send your video in a message to the Pet Lover Show facebook page. Click the blue "Send Message" button to get started, and then add your video file (click the paper clip icon on desktop, or the images icon on mobile to attach the file)
3) Include President's Choice "SuperDogs Auditions" in the body of your message.
4) That's it!

Contest closes for video submissions on February 24, 2017 at NOON. Due to the volume of entries, only successful applicants will be contacted to do final auditions at the Pet Lover show .

Detective Fido and the Thief of Hearts
Saturday @ 11:00AM

"Why is obedience important? Want to teach your dog a new trick? Come and watch Good Dogs Certified Professional trainers and their canine best friends show you how a few simple obedience cues can make a big difference in your dogs life!

Cheer on these amazing dogs as they run some agility relays! Watch both big and small dogs perform some adorable impressive tricks! See some incredible advanced obedience skills and learn how to teach your dog a new trick or two! After the show come and meet the trainers and their dogs, ask questions and learn how to sign your dog up to learn some of these amazing skills! Here is some information about Jamie and Heather of Good Dog. Heather Grandy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Small Animal Massage Practitioner. Her passion for dogs has inspired a 14 year career working with dogs that is based on a natural ability to understand and work with animals, and given her a diverse background of experience and a foundation of formal education in many facets of the dog industry, learning from various animal professionals. She has worked as a veterinary technician/assistant, a professional pet groomer, a dog behavior consultant, trainer, and currently owns and operates Good Dog Training, providing group and private training as well as behavior modification, for all obedience levels. Jaime Kinna jaime@gooddog.ca DIP CBST CCPDT -KA CMDT (REG 009-1005) Dogs: Frodo, Atty, Dozer, Guinness and Teddy Jaime has always had a love and understanding for all animals, but a particular special place in her heart has always belonged to dogs. She has been professionally training and handling all breeds and temperaments of dogs since 1998. Jaime took her love of dogs to the next level in 1999 and became a Certified Master Dog Trainer, attending Canada West Canine Centre. She attends ongoing seminars and is constantly updating her education to broaden her knowledge, she believes you never stop learning when working with animals. Jaime has experience competing in CKC obedience and conformation gaining titles on several breeds of dogs. She has trained and handled dogs for television, and major motion pictures. Her own dog Atty has obtained her IPO BH title, PSA PDC-SD title and is a validated patrol and narcotic detection K9. Jaime is a validated explosive detection K9 handler, validated narcotics detection K9 handler and a validated security patrol K9 handler. Jaime shares her life with: Frodo (yorkie x chihuahua) , Atty (Belgium Malinios) , Dozer (Pitty x) , Guinness (GSD x ACD), Teddy (all Canadian mutt!), Jake ( senior super shelter kitty extraordinaire), her 2 wonderful step children Hannah and Ethan and partner Lee. She is passionate about her work and it shows each time she picks up a leash.

Good Dog's Website

C-DART and St John Ambulance Animal Rescuer Journey: Learn how to keep your pet safe!
Saturday @ 12:00PM & 4:30PM

This demonstration will take you on an evacuation voyage that will show you what you can do to be prepared in the case of a disaster. This interactive, kid friendly show will teach first aid for the most common injuries and issues that your pet might experience. Some audience members will be supervised and taught right on the stage with their pet.

Meet the amazing members of the Canadian Disaster Animal Team. CDART is dedicated to animal welfare through the preparation for and the actual rescue and shelter of domestic animals in a disaster. Volunteers are mobilized when local authorities request CDART's help and when the Provincial Emergency Program's Emergency Social Services is activated. In specific communities, CDART has long-time established teams but will answer requests for help through local, provincial and federal government agencies. CDART works with Emergency Social Services at Reception Centres registering animals that need sheltering or evacuation during an emergency/disaster. CDART is not funded in any way except through donations so please consider donating to CDART so that they may continue their amazing work.


Pacific Assistance Dogs - Your Raffle dollars are helping to support P.A.D.S.
Saturday @ 12:30PM & Sunday @ 3:00PM

These "Dogs With Jobs" are indeed amazing! Don't miss this incredible demonstration of teamwork between these Assistance Dogs and their partners. The Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS) works training puppies to become assistance dogs, and places them with their partners. Find out more about these invaluable dogs and see them demonstrate their skills.


Tricks, Agility, Obedience & More with DogWorks Training
Sat 1:30pm Sun 1:30 pm

Come and watch an action packed display of tricks, agility, and more presented by DogWorks Training.

DogWorks website

Canadian K9 Detection Dogs - You Can't Hide Anything From Them!
Saturday 2:00PM & Sunday 12:00PM

These amazing dogs are coming back to the show - don't miss this opportunity to see these highly skilled dogs in action! A dog's sense of smell is said to be a thousand times more sensitive than that of humans. A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose which are responsible for the detection of odor molecules, while humans have only 5 million. Think you can hide something from your dog? Think again! Because of this keen sense of smell, specially trained dogs are used in search and rescue missions and in the detection of narcotics and explosives. Come and see Canadian K9's teams performing a demonstration of their detection skills! You'll be amazed at what they can do! After 15 years of service, Canadian K9 knows detection: their Government-validated group of Detection Teams provide services including explosives and narcotics detection services for visiting cruise ships, with clients such as Disney and Holland America Line; servicing various environments such as rentals; keeping drug activities away from investments; and maintaining narcotics free work camps in the far north. With their Security Provision department, Investigations Division and Security Consulting services, they are the largest full service security firm in Canada.

CANADIAN K9's Website

Nose Work - Learn How Your Dog Can Be A Nose Work Star
Saturday @ 2:30PM, Sunday @ 12:30PM

It's a brand new dog sport that started in California in mid-2000s by professional detection dog handlers. It is an activity for all dogs of every age, breed and ability as well as for handlers of any age or experience. It is a no-aversives, no-discipline, no-guilt, fun activity that teams a dog and handler to search for odours. Students start by learning the foundation in a controlled fun environment where the dog is encouraged to find food. As odour is introduced, the teams work their dogs in four elements: interior, exterior, containers and vehicles. Students can expect welcome changes in their dog's behaviour and the benefits to the canine-human partnership can be life-changing.

Donna Toews (CPDT-KA, CNWI) has been participating in NoseWork since December 2009 and proudly brought the sport to Canada in 2011. She and her dog Edge are the FIRST International Team to reach Elite1 status with NACSW. Join the fun!

Tricks & Advanced Obedience with Movie Star dog, Atty!
Saturday @ 3:00PM

Don't miss this amazing trick demonstration from Good Dog. Featuring some famous movie star dogs like Atty who has performed in the Bates Motel, Disney's Pants on Fire, Horn with Daniel Radcliff and much more. These agile athletes will awe you with their talented performance.

Come and see these dogs demonstrate their speed and agility as they negotiate their way over, under and through a series of challenging obstacles!

Drill Team Demo & Puppy Agility with 4 Paws On The Run & High Seas
Saturday @ 3:00PM, Sunday @ 11:00AM

This will be our 3rd year performing at the Pet Lover Show and we are very excited to show off our Golden and Newfie drill team once again. We started up the team as a fun thing to do and it developed into a full time passion. Over the past 3 years we have performed Christmas shows at several Seniors Homes in South Surrey as well as the 2016 Cloverdale Rodeo Parade. We have even taken our show on the road and performed at the WAGS fund raising event in Whistler. The dogs seem to like performing as much as we do because they really pick up their pace when they hear cheering and applause from the crowds. Come out and watch the Newfies and Goldens strut their stuff- you will be amazed at what these huge dogs can do. The performance is followed by a brief puppy obedience routine and then an opportunity to get up close and personal with our performers with a meet and greet at ringside. The Trainers at 4 Paws On The Run all believe in pawsitive training with food rewards. We offer classes in Obedience, Rally, Agility , Canine Good Neighbour and Handling for every breed and age of dog - from puppy ( beginning at 13 weeks) to adult All Classes are designed to help handlers and their dogs become a great team with the focus on having FUN!! Check us out at www.4pawsontherun.ca or see us at BOOTH 302 and 303 Looking forward to seeing you at class!

Check out the 4 Paws webpage!

Amazing Agility! with Good Dog Academy
Sunday @ 11:30AM

Good Dog Academy is here to offer a fabulous agility demo for all to enjoy! Come by the Amazing Dog Stage to see the action live!


Ongoing During Show Opening Hours

Is there a certain breed you've always wanted to find out about? Come to our Meet The Breed area where you'll meet breeders and breed clubs ready to tell you all about the advantages of sharing your life with that one special breed. Dandie Dinmonts,Alaskan Klee Kai, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Whippets, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, meet these and other breeds and find out if one of them is the right fit as a companion for you and your family!

Charlie's Frisbee Fun
Sunday @ 2:00PM

You won't want to miss Charlie from Good Dog Academy and his incredible frisbee skills!

The Wonderful World of Llamas - Meet & Greet
Saturday @ 11:30AM & 3:00PM, Sunday @ 3:00 PM

People often ask, what do you do with a pet llama? These highly social and intelligent animals love to spend time with you and, like dogs, need fun activities to keep them from getting bored.
Sarah Nicholls from Fat Chance Ranch has trained their llamas to appear in television shows and commercials, and says that you can pretty much do anything with llamas that you do with your dog. Llamas protect other animals out in the field and are extremely aware and curious so they know when something is amiss. They will even chase away coyotes and stray dogs and let an alert out to warn the other animals, so many ranchers employ their llamas as 'watch llamas'. You can take llamas for walks, clicker train them, and if you let them in your house, like the family dog, they will make themselves comfortable and look for a good scratch. Come and meet & greet these amazing animals!

Snakes, Lizards and More - Oh My!
Saturday @ 12:00PM & 2:00PM, Sunday @ 11:30AM & 2:00PM

Join Hastur McKay and Morgan Troy and learn all about these fascinating creatures. The Westcoast Society for the Protection and Conservation of Reptiles has been active in British Columbia, Canada, for over 30 years.

They gather herpetoculturists (people with a dedicated passion for the ancient hobby of keeping and studying reptiles) as well as people interested in the safeguard of the environment and the welfare of animals. Their members are mostly families and individuals who are interested in studying and protecting reptiles.


Owls & Raptors Up Close
Saturday @ 1:00PM & 3:30PM, Sunday @ 12:00PM & 2:30PM

Find out about Owls, raptors and other native birds of prey. Staff from the O.W.L. Society (Orphaned WildLife) will fill you in on these amazing birds, as well as avoidable dangers to birds and other wildlife, diet for raptors compared to diet for songbirds, owls and other raptors native to BC, the function of the O.W.L. Society, and answer your questions. Come and find out about these incredible birds!

More Information

Be A Good Parront
Saturday @ 1:30PM, Sunday @ 1:00 PM

Are you thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Join Jan Robson from Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary as she discusses the joys, challenges and what you need to know about life with a parrot. Parrots are loud, messy, incredibly smart and somewhat like living with a 3 year old toddler!


BC Exotic Bird Society - The Training Game

Please join us for a fun interactive audience participation presentation and learn a few basics about communicating with your parrot to develop a trusting and caring relationship.

The Exciting World of Falcons
Saturday @ 4:00PM & Sunday @ 3:30PM

Peregrine Falcons were almost extinct due to DDT and they were brought back from the brink of extinction through a breed and release program developed by conservationists and falconers. They were released into the wild and the population has recovered significantly. To learn more about these beautiful birds and how we can continue to protect them, join our talk. Imagine yourself soaring, 1000 feet in the air, uninhibited by the distractions of the earth. Feeling the wind carry you. Suddenly you focus in on something; you fold your wings back and enter a dive, 100, 150, 200, 250mph as the wind streaks past your face and suddenly BOOM!! You open your wings in a triumphant blaze, prey securely in your feet. Come and join Jeremy Ferguson courtesy of Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital and take a look at the exciting world of Falconry. Learn about the fastest animal in the world and the power, and majesty that they possess. There is nothing like the experience of a falcon."

Ask the Trainer - Desiree McLean
Saturday @ 11:00AM & Sunday @ 4:00PM

It is frustrating to even go for a walk? If your walk is a drag, come learn how you can have a peaceful enjoyable walk with your dog. There's no doubt, dogs absolutely need regular exercise and mental stimulation. It's critical for their overall well being that they get out of the house and yard and into public settings, but if your dog is poorly behaved that can feel like quite the chore and eventually may become something you avoid altogether, making the dogs behavior even worse in the long run. There is help and hope! Bring your dog and Desiree will get you started on the right path." Professional Dog Trainer, Desiree McLean, began her career with canines in 2004 working in a grooming salon. She later became interested in Obedience Training and begin working in the field of dog training. It wasn't long before dog psychology and more serious behavioural issues had her intrigued beyond the basic group classes she was teaching. While she offers several different programs, her favorite is getting to work one on one with clients in their home. It's a completely different, more intimate, and ultimately more efficient and successful way of training

the K9 Coach Pet Services website

Ask the Trainers - Donna Toews with Reflections Pet Training & Alice Fisher with DOGSmart Training
Saturday @ 12:00PM & Sunday @ 2:00PM

Bring your training questions to Alice Fisher. She is a CPDT-KA Certified Trainer, Training Specialist and Training Director Alice teaches Puppy SmartStart, Beginner, Out & About, Intro to Dog Sport, and Shy & Fearful Dog classes. Alice specializes in dog behaviour and is the co-ordinator and head trainer of the DOGSmart Reactive Dog Workshop, Reactive Socialization, and Reactive Out & About Class. As the owner and training director of DOGSmart Training Alice is a gifted, results-oriented trainer, who teaches practical, proven techniques to help your dog become a well socialized, fully integrated member of the family. Foremost among her objectives, is the value of relationship building between owner and dog. A popular trainer since 1994, Alice is a strong advocate of reward based positive reinforcement training as an effective way to train a dog and see consistent results over the long term. Alice is one of the first in Canada to achieve her CPDT-KA. Alice continues to educate dog owners and trainers alike through hosting seminars and clinics, speaking engagements and media. Alice is also Canine First Aid Certified. Alice is a founding member and President of C.A.R.E.S.S, a non-profit society providing education and resources for companion animal owners. Alice, shares her life with her dog, Tequila Rose (Quila), a "bouncy" Bearded Collie. Alice is working with Donna Toews, who you have seen on the Amazing Dog Stage with her nose work stars.

DOGSmart Website

Good Dog Training Team from Good Dog Academy
Saturday @ 1:00PM & Sunday @ 3:00PM

The team from Good Dog Academy will be center stage for an excellent training demo, showing just how polite our canine counterparts can be!

Ask The Trainers - Andy Krzus & Jill Henry
Saturday @ 2:00PM & Sunday @ 1:00PM

ANDY KRZUS is a dog-training educator known for his relationship-centered training approach and his personalized teaching style. His university degree in psychology and background in public service coupled with years of experience training police, search & rescue and assistance dogs gives him an innovative perspective on dog obedience, behaviour & motivation in theory and practice. JILL HENRY is a passionate dog-training advocate with 14 years of experience in the field. Complimented by a successful background in business, her ongoing dog- training education in Canada and internationally, has provided her with a unique set of teaching skills. Clients praise her ability to form an immediate connection with their dogs and obtain superb training results. DO YOU WANT A HAPPY, BALANCED AND OBEDIENT DOG? We will coach you on how to train your own dog! Come and meet with our team of professional trainers for a FREE consultation. With training centres in Maple Ridge/Mission, Chilliwack/Abbotsford & Merritt - we offer Private classes, Puppy classes, Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Obedience classes, FitPaws, Agility, Assistance Dog Training, Protection training, Behavioural modification training, Search & Rescue training, Daycare/Boarding, Board & train programs and much more. We look forward to serving you!

Obedience Unleashed Website

Paws On Activities

Bring your pet and check out our all new Paws On Activity Area featuring seminars by top veterinarians and industry experts. Meet the Trainer - where you can bring your pet and have your training questions not only answered, but demonstrated with your pet right at the show plus treat your pet to a massage, reiki or Chiropractic assessment. You can even get your pet's caricature done. Check it out just beyond the people & pet cafe in the second hall!

Ask The Trainer - Dove Cresswell
Saturday @ 4:00PM

Dove Cresswell, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed) teaches all levels of Agility and Rally-O classes, as well as Tricks and Disc Dog class. Dove currently competes in both Canada and the USA with her dog, Torque in Agility, Rally-Obedience and Disc. She has had several dogs and earned many agility titles with them, as well as several podium placements with multiple dogs at the AAC National and BC Regional Championships. Dove has also achieved multiple Rally-O titles with multiple dogs including Versatility (CRXMCL) level titles and also multiple perfect scores. Dove can also be found working with a wide variety of animals on local film sets, and has many major film, television and commercial credits. Dove has also been involved with several local dog rescue groups and has fostered over 75 dogs in her home in the last 12 years. Learning to live with, and train these dogs to become wonderful family members for their new adoptive homes has given Dove a broad range of training experience. Karen Russell, KPA-CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) has been involved with animal training for the last decade. After completing an internship at the Vancouver Aquarium, she pursued certification at Karen Pryor Academy as a Certified Training Partner, knowing that positive reinforcement training was the way to go. Continuing to learn is always a priority, and some of these pursuits have included clicker expos, chicken training camp, visiting the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, a Prison Puppy workshop in Hagerstown, Maryland, service dog seminars and reactive dog classes. Karen also spent the last three years she has been living in Ontario working for a national charity training Service Dogs. Karen currently teaches Puppy, Good Manners, Tricks, Growlies, and Service Dog Behaviour classes at DogWorks.

DogWorks Website

Ask the Trainer - Amber Cottle
Sunday @ 1:00PM

Meet Amber Cottle, Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist, and bring your most pressing training issues. Does your dog come when its called or are you yelling across the dog park while your dog patently ignores you? Will your dog sit and stay under any circumstances - a key training issue to keep your dog safe or is your dog doing whatever it wants to do? Does your dog get scared or aggressive around other dogs? If you have any of these issues, and want to know how to get started to turn these issues (and more) around then this is the seminar for you. A dog that follows your commands will be a safer, happier dog that you can comfortably bring into any situation. Amber will work with your dog, right at the show.

For more about Amber click on her website

Interactive Display at Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Booths 135 - 137

Kids! Bring your parents and stop by the Greyhaven booth (beside the Weird & Wonderful Stage) and join their exciting, interactive display with tons of great activities for children!

Check out eggs from all different kinds of birds, try the Touch Boxes and guess what's inside, receive a stamp book and gather stamps in your passport bird book (while supplies last) - and there is even a photo booth where you can become a parrot!

Basic Dog Grooming and Hygiene
Grooming Demonstration Area - Ongoing During Show Opening Hours

Michelle Grenkow, Canadian Canine Master Stylist and Certified Master Groomer and her senior students at Animal Haven Grooming will go over products for bathing your dog and keeping his coat matt-free, from when you first get them home as a puppy throughout their adult lives. Learn how to get your dog used to brushing, bathing and nail clipping so they look forward to the routine maintenance every dog owner should provide. See how to take care of your dog's ears and how to spot an ear infection plus how to inspect your dog for fleas and ticks. Take your dog from frumpy to fabulous!

Poodle Parade and Doggie Fashion Show
Saturday @ 3:30PM

The Poodle Club presents the 2017 Poodle Parade at the Pet Lovers Show. From toy to standard poodles, these fashionistas of the dog world, will put their best paws forward on the Amazing Dog Stage's cat walk.

More Information

Animal Chiropractic
Ongoing Throughout the Show in our Paws On Activity Area

Join Dr Elke Starr, a human and registered animal chiropractor, at our Paws on Activity Area. She can assess your pet for spinal misalignments and give you suggestions regarding continued mobility support. Animal chiropractic can help maintain the health and pain-free mobility of your dog or cat, as spinal misalignments can cause pain, limit performance, and contribute to other health problems due to neurological interference. Dr. Starr has been working as a chiropractor since 2005 at her clinic Family Chiropractic in Surrey, and has enjoyed the opportunity to treat working, sport, and pet dogs as well as cats.

For more information on animal chiropractic, click the link to visit Dr. Starr's website , call the clinic at 604-594-7774, or visit the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association website at www.ivca.de/eng/.

Dr. Starr's Website

BC Assoc.of Animal Massage - Come for a free massage!
Ongoing Throughout the Show

Learn the benefits of massage for your precious pet the BC Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals will be available throughout the show in our paws on activity area.


Reiki for Your Pet

Sarah Janzen is a certified Animal Reiki Master and a Dog trainer in the Vancouver area. She has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Addiction Counselling. Before finding her passion for working with animals, she worked with adults with disabilities. Sarah received her Dog Trainer Diploma in 2013 from Animal Behavioral College and continues to work with pet owners to improve the lives of their pets in Vancouver and surrounding areas. During Dog training sessions, Sarah noticed that many of the dogs she worked with had physical and emotional issues training could not alleviate. She wanted to discover a deeper and more lasting way to help these animals heal. She received her Reiki Masters Training and has not looked back! Sarah is constantly amazed by the effects of Reiki and how well animals respond to this healing energy. She is honored at each opportunity to use this amazing technique to heal people's four -legged best friends!!!!

Sarah's website

Rabbit Agility
Saturday & Sunday @ 11:00AM, 12:30PM, 2:00PM & 4:00PM

Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills! Animal agility (dog, rabbit or other) is a course of equipment in a ring that an animal will manoeuvre: over, under, around and through in a timed event. The animal that completes the course without upsetting equipment with the fastest time wins the event.

Saturday and Sunday Showtimes:
11:00am Timed Trials/High Jump
12:30pm Tiered Hopping
2:00pm Side by Side Races/Long Jump
4:00pm Tiered Hopping

Agility is fun and exciting for the animals, handlers and spectators. Rabbit Agility is much like dog agility only the equipment is made smaller for a rabbit and stable enough for the rabbit's weight while manipulating the pieces. Rabbits learn to run an agility course just as a dog might. Domestic Rabbits can be very affectionate and intelligent animals. Rabbits can be taught tasks, tricks and behaviors. People are finding what clean, intelligent and affectionate animals rabbits are. Many people are keeping rabbits as pets, some people even have house rabbits that are trained to use a litter box, so Rabbit Agility as well as other sports and activities with pet rabbits are becoming more popular. The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club is a great place to learn about this fun activity for your rabbit. .... Come and see these amazing bunnies as they show off their agility skills!

Click to check out the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club website!

Can-Am/TICA Cat Show
Ongoing During Show Opening Hours

Are you a cat person? Is your cat 'Best In Show'?
Don't miss this fun event presented by the Can-Am Cat Club, affiliated with T.I.C.A. Eight official judges are coming from Texas, Washington, Oregon, Ontario and BC, judging specialty and all breed categories, on both Saturday and Sunday.

T.I.C.A. recognizes fifty five purebred breeds for championship competition, plus the popular household pets, always a crowd favourite.
Purebred neuters and spays are recognized also; all cats are benched in their decorated cages and are taken to the judges "rings"' for handling. All cats are vying for Champion to Supreme Grand Champion titles: judges will pick their top ten cats, kittens, alters and household pets. Many of the recognized breeds will be competing, from the large Maine Coon, to the smallest Singapura - longhairs, shorthairs and almost naked breeds will all be strutting their stuff, so be sure to stop by and take in the Show!

Entry Information is available by clicking on the More Information link.

More Information