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Animals Do Talk!

Animal Communicator, Dale McCarthy, will be at the Pet Lover Show to help owners connect to what is going on with their pet.

Dale has the ability to communicate with animals by receiving their thoughts. The pets share information about their personality, how they view themselves, any behavourial problems and any possible health issues, as well as solutions for any necessary changes. Each pet shares insights that are so fascinating and amusing, that owners are usually laughing and crying during a session.

As an Animal Communicator, Dale uses a form of telepathic energy that has is based on deepened intuition and can connect with people's pets, no matter how far away they may be.

Animal Communicator, Dale McCarthy's Website

Ask the Trainer - Desiree McLean
Saturday @ 11:00AM & Sunday @ 4:00PM

It is frustrating to even go for a walk? If your walk is a drag, come learn how you can have a peaceful enjoyable walk with your dog. There's no doubt, dogs absolutely need regular exercise and mental stimulation. It's critical for their overall well being that they get out of the house and yard and into public settings, but if your dog is poorly behaved that can feel like quite the chore and eventually may become something you avoid altogether, making the dogs behavior even worse in the long run. There is help and hope! Bring your dog and Desiree will get you started on the right path." Professional Dog Trainer, Desiree McLean, began her career with canines in 2004 working in a grooming salon. She later became interested in Obedience Training and begin working in the field of dog training. It wasn't long before dog psychology and more serious behavioural issues had her intrigued beyond the basic group classes she was teaching. While she offers several different programs, her favorite is getting to work one on one with clients in their home. It's a completely different, more intimate, and ultimately more efficient and successful way of training

the K9 Coach Pet Services website

Ask the Trainers - Donna Toews with Reflections Pet Training & Alice Fisher with DOGSmart Training
Saturday @ 12:00PM & Sunday @ 2:00PM

Bring your training questions to Alice Fisher. She is a CPDT-KA Certified Trainer, Training Specialist and Training Director Alice teaches Puppy SmartStart, Beginner, Out & About, Intro to Dog Sport, and Shy & Fearful Dog classes. Alice specializes in dog behaviour and is the co-ordinator and head trainer of the DOGSmart Reactive Dog Workshop, Reactive Socialization, and Reactive Out & About Class. As the owner and training director of DOGSmart Training Alice is a gifted, results-oriented trainer, who teaches practical, proven techniques to help your dog become a well socialized, fully integrated member of the family. Foremost among her objectives, is the value of relationship building between owner and dog. A popular trainer since 1994, Alice is a strong advocate of reward based positive reinforcement training as an effective way to train a dog and see consistent results over the long term. Alice is one of the first in Canada to achieve her CPDT-KA. Alice continues to educate dog owners and trainers alike through hosting seminars and clinics, speaking engagements and media. Alice is also Canine First Aid Certified. Alice is a founding member and President of C.A.R.E.S.S, a non-profit society providing education and resources for companion animal owners. Alice, shares her life with her dog, Tequila Rose (Quila), a "bouncy" Bearded Collie. Alice is working with Donna Toews, who you have seen on the Amazing Dog Stage with her nose work stars.

DOGSmart Website

Good Dog Training Team from Good Dog Academy
Saturday @ 1:00PM & Sunday @ 3:00PM

The team from Good Dog Academy will be center stage for an excellent training demo, showing just how polite our canine counterparts can be!

Ask The Trainers - Andy Krzus & Jill Henry
Saturday @ 2:00PM & Sunday @ 1:00PM

ANDY KRZUS is a dog-training educator known for his relationship-centered training approach and his personalized teaching style. His university degree in psychology and background in public service coupled with years of experience training police, search & rescue and assistance dogs gives him an innovative perspective on dog obedience, behaviour & motivation in theory and practice. JILL HENRY is a passionate dog-training advocate with 14 years of experience in the field. Complimented by a successful background in business, her ongoing dog- training education in Canada and internationally, has provided her with a unique set of teaching skills. Clients praise her ability to form an immediate connection with their dogs and obtain superb training results. DO YOU WANT A HAPPY, BALANCED AND OBEDIENT DOG? We will coach you on how to train your own dog! Come and meet with our team of professional trainers for a FREE consultation. With training centres in Maple Ridge/Mission, Chilliwack/Abbotsford & Merritt - we offer Private classes, Puppy classes, Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Obedience classes, FitPaws, Agility, Assistance Dog Training, Protection training, Behavioural modification training, Search & Rescue training, Daycare/Boarding, Board & train programs and much more. We look forward to serving you!

Obedience Unleashed Website

Paws On Activities

Bring your pet and check out our all new Paws On Activity Area featuring seminars by top veterinarians and industry experts. Meet the Trainer - where you can bring your pet and have your training questions not only answered, but demonstrated with your pet right at the show plus treat your pet to a massage, reiki or Chiropractic assessment. You can even get your pet's caricature done. Check it out just beyond the people & pet cafe in the second hall!

Ask the Trainer - Amber Cottle
Sunday @ 1:00PM

Meet Amber Cottle, Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist, and bring your most pressing training issues. Does your dog come when its called or are you yelling across the dog park while your dog patently ignores you? Will your dog sit and stay under any circumstances - a key training issue to keep your dog safe or is your dog doing whatever it wants to do? Does your dog get scared or aggressive around other dogs? If you have any of these issues, and want to know how to get started to turn these issues (and more) around then this is the seminar for you. A dog that follows your commands will be a safer, happier dog that you can comfortably bring into any situation. Amber will work with your dog, right at the show.

For more about Amber click on her website

Animal Chiropractic
Ongoing Throughout the Show in our Paws On Activity Area

Join Dr Elke Starr, a human and registered animal chiropractor, at our Paws on Activity Area. She can assess your pet for spinal misalignments and give you suggestions regarding continued mobility support. Animal chiropractic can help maintain the health and pain-free mobility of your dog or cat, as spinal misalignments can cause pain, limit performance, and contribute to other health problems due to neurological interference. Dr. Starr has been working as a chiropractor since 2005 at her clinic Family Chiropractic in Surrey, and has enjoyed the opportunity to treat working, sport, and pet dogs as well as cats.

For more information on animal chiropractic, click the link to visit Dr. Starr's website , call the clinic at 604-594-7774, or visit the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association website at www.ivca.de/eng/.

Dr. Starr's Website

BC Assoc.of Animal Massage - Come for a free massage!
Ongoing Throughout the Show

Learn the benefits of massage for your precious pet the BC Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals will be available throughout the show in our paws on activity area.


Reiki for Your Pet

Sarah Janzen is a certified Animal Reiki Master and a Dog trainer in the Vancouver area. She has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Addiction Counselling. Before finding her passion for working with animals, she worked with adults with disabilities. Sarah received her Dog Trainer Diploma in 2013 from Animal Behavioral College and continues to work with pet owners to improve the lives of their pets in Vancouver and surrounding areas. During Dog training sessions, Sarah noticed that many of the dogs she worked with had physical and emotional issues training could not alleviate. She wanted to discover a deeper and more lasting way to help these animals heal. She received her Reiki Masters Training and has not looked back! Sarah is constantly amazed by the effects of Reiki and how well animals respond to this healing energy. She is honored at each opportunity to use this amazing technique to heal people's four -legged best friends!!!!

Sarah's website