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SuperDogs Star Search

Is Your Dog a SuperDog?
President's Choice SuperDogs Star Search is coming to the Pet Lover Show and you can show off YOUR dog's talent for a chance to perform with the President's Choice SuperDogs in 2019 at the PNE. From agility to dancing or Frisbee freestyle to jumping rope or silly pet tricks, come and share your dog's special skills in a fun, friendly showcase. Plus you'll see some President's Choice SuperDogs do cool stuff too AND you'll get some amazing gifts and coupons for President's Choice Nutrition First dog food-the official fuel of the SuperDogs! Directions to the show

Spectator Schedule

Here's how to enter:

1) Using your phone, take a video of your dog performing their special skill. Maximium video length is 15 seconds. Videos longer than 15 seconds will not be accepted.
2) Send your video in a message to the Pet Lover Show facebook page. Click the blue "Send Message" button to get started, and then add your video file (click the paper clip icon on desktop, or the images icon on mobile to attach the file)
3) Include President's Choice "SuperDogs Auditions" in the body of your message.
4) That's it!

Contest closes for video submissions on February 22, 2019 at NOON. Due to the volume of entries, only successful applicants will be contacted to do final auditions at the Pet Lover show .

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