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Can-Am/TICA Cat Show
֍ Ongoing Throughout the Show in the Second Hall

Are you a cat person? Is your cat 'Best In Show'? Don't miss this fun TICA Cat Show presented by the Can-Am Cat Club. Eight official judges are attending from Texas, Washington, California, and British Columbia. And the TICA Judge of the Year is coming all the way from Austria!

This year the show is featuring a special Meet the Breeds, where visitors will have the opportunity to talk about, pet and meet some very interesting cat breeds.

TICA recognizes fifty five purebred breeds for championship competition as well as popular household pets, always a crowd favourite. All cats are benched in their decorated cages and are taken to the judges "rings"' for handling. Cats are vying for Champion to Supreme Grand Champion titles: judges will pick their top ten cats, kittens, alters and household pets. Many of the recognized breeds will be competing, from the large Maine Coon, to the smallest Singapura - longhairs, shorthairs and almost naked breeds will all be strutting their stuff, so be sure to stop by and take in the Show! Entry Information is available by clicking on the More Information link.

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