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Tipping the Scales Against Cancer Saturday 1:30

A powerful natural strategy to stop cancer in its tracks—or prevent it altogether! A talk by Inna Shekhtman Did you know that 50% of dogs and 32% of cats over the age of 10 years old die of cancer? Even though we now have more options than ever for our pets—food, treats, toys, technologies, and service providers—many chronic diseases, including cancer, are on the rise. For many years, we have been led to believe that cancer is genetic and that there is little we can do to prevent it. This is simply not true. Recent research is challenging that belief and demonstrates that cancer can be prevented or managed with the right diet. Come to this talk to learn more.


Feeding a Fresh Food Diet 12:30 & 3:00 Saturday; 1:00 & 3:00 Sunday

Learn the Benefits of Feeding a Fresh Food Diet with Sarah Griffiths. Sarah is a classical homeopath and pet nutritionist. She has an extensive background working with wild carnivores and birds or prey. With over 15 years of education and professional experience, Sarah's passion is helping people feed their pets fresh food diets.


Hiking with Fido by Laurie McPhee 12:30 Sunday

SUNDAY @ 11:30

Hiking with your dog is a fantastic way to enjoy our beautiful province but just like hiking alone you need to do some prep work. Laurie McPhee of K9ABCs shares some pre trip steps that will make your hikes safer and more enjoyable. Topics such as health, gear, emergency preparedness will be covered.

K9 ABC's Website


Cracking the Code: Changing Grim Behaviors & Understanding How Dogs Learn

SUNDAY @ 1:30 by Amber Cottle

Are behaviour problems in dogs really a problem? Or is it a normal behaviour for the dog but that its happening in the wrong place at the wrong time? This seminar will help you understand how dogs learn and how to teach your dog appropriate behaviours in any place at any time. Eventually the behaviours you don't want go away if we teach the dog to do something else!

Amber Cottle is a certified dog trainer and Behavior specialist with over 12,000 hours of experience training and rehabilitating dogs. Amber owns and operates a full time dog training center in Delta called the Amber Cottle Canine Training Center along with a private career training school called the International Academy of Canine Trainers. Amber has also volunteered hundreds of hours to the Delta Community Animal Shelter to help train and rehabilitate Shelter dogs.

International Academy of Canine Trainers Website


Animals Do Talk! by Dale McCarthy - Saturday 1:00; Sunday at 2:00

Animal Communicator, Dale McCarthy, will be at the Pet Lover Show to help owners connect to what is going on with their pet. Dale has the ability to communicate with animals by receiving their thoughts. The pets share information about their personality, how they view themselves, any behavourial problems and any possible health issues, as well as solutions for any necessary changes. Each pet shares insights that are so fascinating and amusing, that owners are usually laughing and crying during a session. As an Animal Communicator, Dale uses a form of telepathic energy that has is based on deepened intuition and can connect with people's pets, no matter how far away they may be.

Dale McCarthy's Website


CPR: Overview of CPR Techniques for Animals by Laurie McPhee Sat 2:00; Sun 2:30

Join Laurie McPhee of K9ABCs to learn about Canine CPR. Laurie is a certified Dogsafe Canine First Aid Instructor, she's also a Primary Care Paramedic with the BC Emergency Health Services with 20 years experience. This brief "hands on" demo and practice will hopefully entice you to learn more about Canine First Aid and how to prevent ever needing the skills of CPR. This skill is applicable to many species. So, stretch it out and learn (or practice how to do CPR. All ages welcome. Note, practice will never be done on a live dog, only CPR manikins or stuffies.

K9 ABC's Website


Canine First Aid: Don't Learn it by Accident by Laurie McPhee Sat 2:30

Join Laurie McPhee of K9ABCs, Authorized DOGSAFE Instructor, to explore a variety of ways to keep your canine friend safe and happy. An interactive presentation using a combination of power point, live demonstrations with demo dog Quincy and you the audience, Laurie will cover many different angles of safety. Angles such as Puppy Proofing, Training, Play, First Aid, Environment & Travel.
Laurie and Quincy love the outdoors and exploring new adventures, but this takes a lot of training and preparation. Laurie’s experience with search & rescue and 19 yrs as a paramedic broaden her view on the many things one can do to help prevent injury or illness with your pet. Although the main focus is on dogs most of this information is applicable with a variety of pets.

K9 ABC's Website


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